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▓What to do ★ ~░ 2011 keuriseumaseu give away

✖ Reblog as much as you want, I ain’t gon’ stop you. XD ✖ Likes are included. :]✖ Ends at December 15, 2011, so hopefully I can send the stuff to the winner before the 25th~ ✖ I will ship wherever, except if you’re from Narnia, in which case I will ship myself with you so I can dally with the creatures of the land. ✖ Following me isn’t necessary. ✖ But if the winner is a follower of mine, I’d include in a personal letter thanking the fark out of you for following me. XD ✖ I will notify you via ask. :] ✖ .. Yeah, that’s it. ✖ It’s a lame giveaway, but it’s teeming with JE and somehow it makes up for the lack of pizzazz, LOL. XD ✖ NO THE CAROUSEL IS NOT INCLUDED OHKAY DAT IS MINE LOL ✖


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    Ahhhh once more :3
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    Oh, LOL, pushing it one last time, because tomorrow’s the deadline :D
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